Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace: Level 3 Award (RQF) – Virtual or Classroom

This two-day course is specifically designed to immerse learners in the critical aspects of mental health first aid within a work setting. Completing this course gives attendees a deeper comprehension of mental health.

Course Overview

This two-day course is specifically designed to immerse learners in the critical aspects of mental health first aid within a work setting. Completing this course empowers attendees with a deeper comprehension of mental health, enhancing their ability to listen and respond to colleagues' mental well-being concerns, partake in risk assessments, and aid in the creation of mental health policies.

Graduates from this course will be adept at directing those experiencing mental health challenges towards suitable support channels, including healthcare services or reputable charities, thus qualifying them as workplace mental health first aiders.

Course Highlights

Participants will delve into crucial mental health topics prevalent in today's work environment, including stress, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. The curriculum covers emergency assistance in crises, recognizing workplace stress indicators, and developing effective mental well-being strategies.

Key learning points include:

  • Defining mental health and distinguishing various mental health conditions.
  • Understanding the factors affecting mental well-being.
  • Learning about the mental health continuum.
  • The roles and responsibilities of a mental health first aider.
  • Essential qualities for effective mental health first aid.
  • Structured approach to managing mental health issues.
  • Guidance on supporting workforce reintegration post-mental health leave.
  • Incorporating physical first aid for mental health emergencies.
  • Risk assessment techniques.
  • Identifying critical mental health emergencies.
  • Strategies for managing stress and recognizing signs of crisis.
  • Understanding the spectrum of suicide risk.
  • Comprehensive overview of various mental health issues including self-harm and eating disorders.
  • Developing empathy and supportive skills for those with mental health concerns.
  • An overview of mental health legislation.
  • Cultivating a positive attitude towards mental health and influencing workplace culture.

Ideal Participants

This course is perfect for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of mental health and acquire skills to foster positive well-being in themselves and others within the workplace.

Please Note

The course content includes sensitive topics like suicide and self-harm, which might be distressing for some. Participants are free to exit the course at any moment if they find it overwhelming. Prospective attendees should evaluate their comfort level with these subjects before enrolling and are encouraged to reach out for a discussion if unsure.

For immediate mental health support, contact Samaritans at 116 123 or NHS 111.

Participants must be at least 16 years old and have a basic understanding of English (Level 2).

Large Group Bookings

For bookings involving numerous participants, please inquire about our on-site or private virtual training options.

Assessment and Certification

To achieve the QualSafe Level 3 qualification, delegates must successfully complete two multiple-choice question papers. Upon passing all assessments, attendees will receive the QualSafe Level 3 Award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider qualification, valid for three years.

Benefits and Pricing

We assure the best value in our courses with a price match guarantee for any comparable course. Upon completion, participants will receive a recognized certificate from QualSafe Awards. For on-site training requests, please reach out for a personalized consultation.

For further inquiries or to arrange training, contact us at 0808 164 2780, available Monday to Friday, 8.30 am - 5 pm.

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Our first aid courses are available either as public courses or on-site courses for groups of up to 12 people. on-site courses are priced at £495 per day and include training manuals and certification.

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On completion of your course you will receive a Certificate.

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